Rosalia unveils video for LLYLM (Lie Like You Love Me): watch

Rosalia is back with a new music video. Good, because we had missed her! Watch her new music video and catch up with what’s been going on with her with Alex.

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Rosalia unveils video for LLYLM (Lie Like You Love Me): watch

Rosalia shares first release of 2023

After teasing the track on social media, the singer has today shared the new single ‘LLYLM (Lie Like You Love Me).’ Earlier this week, Rosalia had taken to TikTok to release a snippet of the song, featuring a few lyrics and singing along. Shortly afterwards, she had revealed the track would arrive on January 27, and guess what, it’s here now!

‘Lie Like You Love Me’ is the first new material from Rosalía since she released an expanded version of Motomami in September. Motomami+ featured eight new tracks including ‘DESPECHÁ’, ‘AISLAMIENTO,’ ‘LA KILIÉ,’ ‘LAX,’ and ‘CHIRI,’ to the new record. Also added, a remix of ‘CANDY’ and a live version of ‘LA FAMA,’ her collab song with The Weekend. In December 2022, she also shared a remix version of  ‘DESPECHÁ’ featuring Cardi B.

Rosalia’s plans for 2023: album, tour, both?

Rosalia is still surfing on the wave (more like a tsunami actually) that came with the release of her huge album Motomami, with which she has conquered the world. The album is a collection of hits and the artist keeps breaking the codes so much it’s impossible to pin a style on her.

The release of the album was followed by a huge world tour which saw Rosalia come to London in December 2022. Sadly, the country only got one concert date, and the fans are waiting for more! If you want to ready up for her 2023 announcement tourwise, Alex can help. You can pre-save tour tickets here and this will put you at the top of the list for when her next tour is official.

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